$10,500 TOURNAMENT MATCH (Wild Rift | Twitch Rivals)

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Meteos signed up for the Twitch Rivals tournament as a team captain. Sneaky accepted Meteos' invite, along with 3 other players. Team METEOS is competing against 3 other teams in this $25,000 tournament. They finished as top seed (3-0 Round Robin) and are now in the final Best-of-3 series against 2nd seed. The score is now tied 1-1. This is their final game for the

(Note that Team METEOS scraped their final members just the night before the tourney and barely had any practice time )

TOP: @Voyboy
JUNGLE: @MeteosLoL
MID: @IraqiZorro (Ex-pro in various mobile games | active WR player)
ADC: @Sneaky
SUPPORT: @Blizz_lol (Wild Rift RIOT GAMES Dev)

Footage from: April 13, 2021

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▼ Time Stamps

[0:00] Pre-Game 3 Shenanigans
[4:08] Game Start (Winner = Champion)
[24:48] Post-Game

▼ Editor's Added Music

[Start] Mario Tennis (N64) - Menu
[End] Donkey Kong Country (SNES) - Cranky's Theme

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