1st Driving Test...did she PASS or FAIL! Its R Life

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Today is a crazy fun day! Finally Evie is getting serious about getting her learners permit! So we sign her up for the Florida online classes. We have no idea how long these classes are? We think they are timed and Evie hates timed test! Will she pass or fail?!? Then she hits the road! Ahhhh! Help us all! And of course as soon as she starts to pull out there are tons of cars, people walking and kids playing! Yikes! We also react to one of our first videos! OMG, so funny, we are laughing so hard! Later a storm rolls in, our power goes out, we eat our Chinese food in the dark, Max and Evie are fighting, and Brinley and Kapri show you how to make mug cakes!

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