9 Best MMO Games On PS4

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Although the concept of MMO gaming has traditionally applied to PC gamers, times have changed. Welcome to the skilled channel and today we're talking about the best MMO games to play on PS4. It's both PCs and consoles that typically feature fresh multiplayer-driven content on a yearly basis. But multiplayer and an MMO are two different things. Call of Duty isn't an MMO. World of Warcraft is. This difference created a delay in the console MMO genre, leading to an explosion of titles since around 2010. Now, gamers have their choice of what to enjoy, and those favoring the Playstation 4 have decisions on how to spend their time. Final Fantasy? Destiny's latest chapter? The newest Planetside? These and more make up our list of the best MMO games for PS4.

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9 Best MMO Games On PS4

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