ADVANCED FIRMWARE for Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer - convenient sidereal tracking, astro timelapse

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Detailed video about how to install and use the Advanced Firmware for the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer star tracker. I talk about the new modes: astro timelapse and long exposure timelapse and also 5 configurable parameters that make the device even more useful and convenient when doing astrophotography. Now we can fully configure the exposure time and use the Star Adventurer to release the shutter via SNAP port so we no more need to use an external intervalometer. Also with the new firmware it can be used as a very powerful timelapse panning head!


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00:00 Intro
00:12 What's the new firmware and how to get it
01:28 Downloading and installing
03:51 Replacing the mode dial
07:48 New modes explained
13:42 Astro timelapse mode
17:05 Long and short exposure timelapse modes
19:05 Configuring 5 shooting parameters
26:04 Few things to be aware of
28:33 Conclusion

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