Backup as multiple individual files - prepares Genos for firmware upgrades V2.0 or higher

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You can back up User data such as Voice, Song, Style, and Registration Memory by copying them individually to a USB flash drive. Creating multiple individual files is a convenient way to create backups because we can use them individually when restoring.

The video describes how to prepare Genos for an upgrade to V or higher. After you’ve updated the firmware to this version, the System, MIDI, User Effect, and Registration data are initialized the first time you start up again. Save the MIDI Setup File and User Effect Setup file before updating, and load after updating. Save Registrations to the file before updating.
Even if you save the System Setup file before updating, it cannot be loaded after updating.
If you save the Backup data before updating and restore it after updating, the System, MIDI, User Effect and Registration data will not be restored.

00:00 - introduction to the topic
01:03 - describing the backup process
04:52 - prepare Genos for an upgrade to V or higher
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