Best Ways To Make Money In GTA 5 Online This Week (UPDATE)

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How to make money in GTA 5 online this week! GTA 5 Online has several ways to make money fast for solo players that are beginners. This includes the 3x money and RP in GTA V. This week has 3x the money on the Motor Wars the adversary Mode. As well this week includes 2x money on hanger cargo. Lastly, we have 3x money on air races. This will be a great way to make money until the next update!

This week's time trial has been renewed so you can cash in 100k by beating the Casino in under 1m. The RC Car time trial Cypress Flats also available to make more GTA V money. Beating the par time 1m 30s will grant you $100,000.

This weeks podium vehicle is the Paragon R
The Sales of the Week:

40% off Hangers and More!
Cyclone: $1,134,000
Visione: $1,340,000
RO-86 Alkonost: $2,446,875
Annihilator Stealth: $2,176,875
Valkyrie: $1,710,000
Havok: $1,038,000
Hangars: 35% Discount
Hangar Renovations: 35% Discount

Prime Gaming Sales
Free Kosatka Sonar Station
Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat: $1,920,750/$1,440,562
Longfin: $1,381,250/$1,035,937



Prime Gaming GTA V:
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