Blue Protocol PC MMO - JP Alpha Test - Aegis Fighter Leveling Gameplay

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BLUE PROTOCOL NDA has been lifted.

In May 2019, Bandai Namco granted me an opportunity to test out their new MMO called BLUE PROTOCOL.
However, because of the NDA (non disclosure agreement) No one was able to release any screenshot, sound or video footage to the public.

Today marks the end of the NDA and with it i can finaly release Screenshots and recorded/edited footage on youtube and other social media.

PS : There are some frame drops here and there, i did my best to edit the video, Keep in mind, it was an Alpha test and the game optimalization perhaps could have been better.
The latency was pretty high over 200ms. If the game looks a bit , now you know why.

Blue Protocol soundtrack list :

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Disclaimer : BLUE PROTOCOL is currently under developement and all the footage in this video is from the Alpha test.

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Official BLUE PROTOCOL website :
Information about the NDA :

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Thank you for Bandai Namco to gave me an opportunity to test out their game!

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