#BringAbigaelHome - MISSING PERSON in Willamette River

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#BringAbigaelHome ::: Anybody in Oregon, WE NEED YOUR HELP in finding Abigael Bellows, 22-years-old, last seen swimming in the middle fork of the Willamette River in Springfield Oregon at Clearwater Park. ????

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Garth, Tressa, Eliza, and Ivy Bellows are experiencing something that no family should have to experience. On July 22nd their oldest daughter, Abigael, slipped under the water in the Willamette River in Eugene, Oregon, and has not been seen since. The whole family has traveled out west from Pennsylvania to help search for her and the expenses are piling up quickly. As the days go by they will need to pay for food, housing, travel, car rentals, airfare, and possibly more divers, and whatever the future holds for this journey.

Please help ease this burden for them as they have so many other stresses right now and want their energy and focus to be on finding Abigael and bringing her home.

Every bit helps. Thank you so much for contributing.

In this episode of Adventures with Purpose, we meet up with Abigael's family on some none so fortunate circumstances as search efforts have been underway to find Abigael who was swimming in the river and never resurfaced.

Lane County Sheriffs Office, Search and Rescue, along with dozens of volunteers have been on the river trying to find Abigael.

We need your help!!

If you live in Get out to the Willamette River and start searching anywhere you can between Springfield and Portland Oregon.

You'll see in this video that we performed an exhaustive search using sonar and diving where Abigael was last seen before going underwater.

If you're not in Oregon, share this video and help get the word out to help Abigael's family bring her home.

#scubadiving #missingperson

We are humbled and thankful for this opportunity and experience to bring in helping Abigael's family.


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