Charlene's Ghost Friend???? (read the desc.)

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that's my old oc' I saw this clip on my Cute Cut Pro (I actually haven't use my CCP like a months so I decided to visit it ) the boy on that vid is charlene's old bestfriend (and he's a yeah) his name is his sweet he also have a crush on Charlene and that's why he keep following her even in her school ???? but after 2 years he without saying goodbye. Charlene try to find him, she even go to the place where she met him but after 1 month she give she met a guy that he looks like him and that's also have the same personality and they become (but of course she won't forget her first best ) *sigh* it's like i want to make a short GCMM about them but i'm not good at english

Don't ask why she have a knife or where the knife came from ????


Anyway sorry for the bad grammar ????

That's all hehehe bye!
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