CODE-SWITCHED - EP 2 "Bollywood & A$AP Rocky"

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Missed jump shots and failed expectations. Try not to let anyone down today.

Writer/Director: Karan Sunil

Starring: Sabeen Sadiq, Saurabh Pande, Sonal Aggarwal, Stephen George, Vikram Pandya, Jordan Stafford, Devin Middleton, Bilal Rizvi, Kamal Hans, Max Thomas, Tyler Fowler, Nikhaar Kishnani, Callie Dearing, Evan Mills, Som Singh, Anita Chandwaney, Sophia Rafiqi

Exec. Producers: Komal Minhas, Karan Sunil, Sunil Nayar

Producers: David Hughes Jr., Michael Ray

Code-Switched follows the interconnected lives of five South Asian-American friends trying to blaze their own trails in a world of fleeting relationships, high-expectations, and gentrified workplaces. Messy and constantly in a state of feeling “in-between,” the squad of Zara, Rahul, Priya, Joe, and Krish will have to lean on each other to get through their twenties.

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