DIY Dremel CNC #3 electronics, software and firmware (Arduino, aluminium profiles, 3D printed parts)

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Time to add Arduino and some other electronic components to DIY Dremel CNC machine! We will also upload code to the Arduino (GRBL) and take a look at software to control your machine (GRBL controller and CNCjs). At the end finally, we will run first tests on the machine to see how it works :)

Dremel CNC parts list:
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Everything CNC related:

I am extremely happy with how this machine works! It's super quiet and works extremely smoothly. Construction is very rigid and 3D printed parts are ok. First drawings are also great all lines are sharp and the dimensions are good.

What we will need, amount in ():
-Dremel tool
-Aluminum Profiles 20x20x600mm (5):
-12mm rod (about 2 meters):
-500mm long trapezoidal lead screw 8mm (2):
-300mm long trapezoidal lead screw 8mm (2):
-12mm linear bearing (12):
-5 to 8mm coupler (5):
-T nut (50):

-Arduino+CNC shield+stepper drivers:
-Power supply:
-Stepper motors (4):

And here are some of the tools:
-3D printer:
-Thread tap:
-Cordless drill:

My design:
STL files: :3004773

GRBL Controller:

I always wanted to have one of those fancy CNC machines that can mill metals. It's cool and it gives you so many possibilities for next projects! I already have few ideas for projects with a CNC machine :)

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