Duet 2 Maestro & Reprap firmware on SK-GO: Guide for a Marlin user

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I’ve had a Duet 2 Maestro and PanelDue 5i sitting around for almost a year, and have finally fitted them to my Seckit SK-GO 3D printer. Being very familiar with Marlin firmware and the SKR range of cost effective mainboards, I wanted to establish whether the Duet 3D hardware was worth the cost, and if reprap firmware really was the best.

This video aims to cover these two questions as I detail my experiences in learning new hardware and firmware. It is impossible to include very detail so I’ve focused on specific features and challenges to give a fair representation. While I acknowledge the parts are expensive, they are very good. The price becomes closer when you purchase an SKR mainboard, stepper motor drivers and a Raspberry Pi to run Octoprint.

It should also be noted that Duet hardware supports the much cheaper 12864 LCDs as used on many printers.

Thanks to Tal Dayan for donating US$150 towards the cost of this conversion. I’m sorry it took so long to make the video. The rest of the purchase was paid for myself. All opinions expressed are my own.

Purchase Duet 3D hardware:
Duet hardware/feature comparison:
Reprap firmware comparison:
Duet3D wiki:
PanelDue case on Thingiverse: :2799628
My remixed front part of case for the Seckit SK-GO: :4462942
Endstop holders and other Seckit SK-GO parts I’ve designed (right click on parts and export as STL, STEP, etc):
Ethernet to wifi converter (yet to be tested):

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