ESPBoy Arduboy2 OTA firmware upload steps for windows and MAC

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ESPBoy Arduboy2 OTA firmware upload steps for windows and MAC.

Link to the OTA firmware file for ESPBOY.

Windows firmware upload tools for ESP8266

"Choose the "firmware download" tool from the screen.

How to enable the root user on your Mac

How to install in MAC
pip3 install esptool

MAC Command to upload ESPboy OTA firmware.
--port / --baud 460800 write_flash 0

Please refer to the folllowing original ESPBoy videos for more details of how to buy the kit, or the circuit diagram to DIY one yourself.
Original Video on how to build the original ESPBoy DIY kit

Original ESPBoy App Store demo

Original ESPboy GameBoy emulator demo

Original ESPboy ZX48 Basic + keyboard demo

Original ESPboy FM radio module demo

????Buy ESPboy
????Build video instruction by @AccidentalRebel:

AccidentalRebel hackaday page
AccidentalRebel youtube channel

ESPboy is a completely open-source, portable, modular, hackable gadget you can build yourself or buy assembled to use as a retro game console or as an IoT platform for STEM education and fun. Use original ESPboy modules to turn it to GSM phone, LORA messenger, GPS navigator, MP3 player, FM radio, AY player and much more. Connect to ESPboy App Store directly from the device to get games and apps.

Support ESPboy project development and its promotion on the market

- Youtube videos:
- Community:
- Discord chat:
- Hackaday page:
- Software:
- Schematic, PCB, Gerber:
- Contacts: @
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