Every Upcoming MMO & MMORPG 2019 And Beyond!

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Every Upcoming Western Made MMO & MMORPG 2019 And Beyond! (That we're aware of)

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In this video I talk about every upcoming MMO & MMORPG that we're currently aware of that will be either coming out in 2019 or the years following, the MMO genre isn't dead, there's actually a lot in development right now, we're just stuck in between all these new mmo releases right now and I expect 2019 and 2020 will be the years when the MMORPG genre becomes great again.

What do you think about these upcoming MMO releases? are there any you're excited for or do they all look terrible? let me know in the comments below!

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---Text Spoilers---

1: Ashes Of Creation
2: Pantheon Rise Of The Fallen
3: Chronicles Of Elyria
4: Camelot Unchained
5: World Of Warcraft Classic
6: Crowfall
7: New World
8: Atlas
9: Saga Of Lucemia
10: Identity
11: Star Citizen
12: Duel Universe
13: Fractured MMO
14: Legends Of Aria
15: ReWorld Online
16: City Of Titans
17: Magic The Gathering MMORPG
18: Lord Of The Rings MMORPG

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Every Upcoming MMO & MMORPG 2019 And Beyond!
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