Friday Night Funkin' Full Mod Showcase: Minus (MINUS MOM & BF SKINS)!

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Get this awesome mod here!:
Thumbnail Taken from the Mod Page lol

Credits to all the people who made this amazing mod:
IagoAnims (Design and Animation)
AshGray_Art (Design)
pyroblujay (Design)
Ness (Design)
DevilHare (Contest Winner)
Smokey_5 (Coding)
bbpanzu (Coding)
Rozebud (Coding)
Cval (Coding)
hayasgpt (Coding)

Minus update let's gooooooooooo

Get the game and support the creators of the game!

0:00 Intro
0:38 Character Select
0:51 Satin-Panties (Beta BF + Minus Mom)
2:31 High (Mean BF)
4:20 (Blue BF)
6:29 Monster (Minus Monster/Lemon Demon + Blue BF)
9:31 Winter-Horrorland (Minus Monster + Christmas Beta BF)

Bonus/Extra Stuff
11:48 Info
11:50 Beta BF
12:42 Beta BF's Death Animation
12:59 Blue BF
13:52 Blue BF's Death Animation
14:09 Mean BF
15:00 Mean BF's Death Animation

15:16 Outro

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