Ghost Hunting at This Haunted Deserted Village was PETRIFYING (Very Scary) Paranormal Activity

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We went Ghost Hunting and caught real paranormal activity on tape at the most haunted village in England. This content may be considered extremely disturbing to some and should be watched at viewers own discretion. The things we caught on camera are that of unexplained phenomenon and shocking paranormal activity. This video will leave you terrified.

After experiencing terrifying paranormal encounters inside a deserted medieval village where people lived in fear in the 11th Century we had to return to investigate again. Fear of Vampires was massive between the 11th and 13th century to the point where villagers would mutilate and burn there dead due to the fear of them coming back as the undead to wreak havoc on the village. This place was no different. During excavations large mass pits filled with mutilated and burnt bodies were found in the graveyard of the village and it is believed that it was because of the fear of vampires within the Village at the time.

After arriving It wasn’t long before we were experiencing strange paranormal activity. This Village is feared by many people at night due to the on going and disturbing paranormal sightings that are continuing to happen here. It is believed to be haunted by something extremely dark and sinister. What we discovered was shocking!

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, paranormal activity or demons the things we caught on camera and experienced here has left us terrified. It honestly felt like this place was out of a real horror movie but we caught everything on tape. It was very scary! We will never forget our night here.

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