Goat MMO Simulator All Easter Eggs And Secrets HD

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All Easter Eggs, Secrets, References and funny montage in Goat Simulator: MMO Edition! Episode #3. Stay tuned for more episodes!

The List:
01. Alice In Launchpad (Alice In Wonderland)
02. Not So Secret Cow Level (Diablo II)
03. Flying Unicorn / Excalibur Sword
04. Little Room
05. Behind The Scenes / Server Room
06. Goatson! (Cast Away)
07. Genies And His Three Wishes
08. Anti Gravity Power (Sauron's Eye)
09. Dirge Dagger (WoW)
10. The Godfather
11. Christian's Bale (Batman Returns)
12. Super Boat
13. Steve Works (Steve Jobs)
14. Witch's Broom

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