How I make a living - affording my country cottage life

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In this video I wanted to share a little about how I make a living in the countryside.
Many in my town work in the forest service, as contractors, tourism, teachers, and in labor intensive jobs. There are also a growing number of remote workers, especially after last year. I enjoy observing the different types of lifestyles and careers in this area, and am glad to share a little bit about my own ????


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This is a bit of my story, not advice on how to build a career. Each set of circumstances is unique, but I like to believe that within reasonable boundaries, options are rarely quite as limited as we may think (if we think long-term). I built my work life by diversifying and working many jobs that were not ideal so that I could save for the future. I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to have my work noticed online to help support my offline career. Best wishes to you.
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