How to Burn a Bootloader and firmware to your Maker Select v2

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In this video I explain how to Burn a bootloader to your Maker Select v2 main board and flash firmware to it.

Arduino Website:

Sanguino Board Github:

You will need to install the library in your Arduino IDE if you haven't done that in the past:

Download the above zip file, in the Arduino IDE go to Sketch - Include Library - Add .ZIP library and choose the zip file you just downloaded.

**Note: if you write this firmware to your printer and the temperatures of your hotend or bed are unusually high when they're turned off, you may want to try changing the EXT0_TEMPSENSOR_TYPE from 14 to 97 for your hotend or HEATED_BED_SENSOR_TYPE for your bed.
Repetier FIrmware:

file on Github:

Arduino Uno:

Jumper Wires:

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