I added Twitch Integration to RLCraft (oh g0d why)

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So, bit of a soft release here, but I've released a special "HARDCORE CONFIG" that you have to install manually to your RLCraft (suggest you make a new profile) that makes RLCraft even harder, for those that find RLCraft juuuuuuust a little TOO easy. It features some major balancing changes with Spartan Weaponry, 2 hearts per limb instead of 3, explosions destroy items again, all bosses are infernal, scaling difficulty the further you travel out from the center of the world, making mobs harder, have more health, and do more a bunch of other stuff.

You can find it here:

Full changelog is listed there, plus installation instructions. Like I said, bit of a soft release on this until I can find the time to do a proper video about it, as most of my time is focused on achieving Twitch Partner status over on Twitch, so I haven't had a whole lot of time for YouTube (sorry!). I'm mentioning the special Hardcore Config here because I am playing with it in this video. OH, I also recommend Large Biomes with this config, it's great. Would love to see someone beat this or even speedrun it. Anyway, good luck and hope you enjoyed the vid!


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