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Thank you guys for watching this NBA 2K21 MyTeam Pack Opening video of the first 2K21 Promo packs , Tip Off packs with some insane new cards like Diamond Larry Bird , Diamond Hakeem , Amethyst Derrick Rose and more! There is East and West packs so we start off with the West packs and got some decent pulls that we will be able to make some MT from but nother too crazy! I then opened a box of the East packs and same thing. Decent pulls but nothing crazy. We weren't done though , I kept opening some packs and then I saw an animation I didn't know what it was until I saw we got a Diamobd pull which can only be a Diamond Larry Bird card! I was super hyped to pick him up and decided to then sell him while he is so expesive on the 2K20 Auction House for 85K MT! Awesome 2K21 Pack Opening to start the year off! I hope you all enjoy this NBA 2K21 MyTeam Pack Opening video!

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