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Barron Trump was only 10 years old on his first day as America's First Son in 2017. Looking understandably overwhelmed by the Inauguration Day crowd, he's kept a lower profile ever since. To catch up with the young man growing up in the White House, let's take a look inside Barron Trump's life today.

It was major news when Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19 following his presidential debate with Democratic candidate Joe Biden in September 2020. But the infection was part of a larger outbreak at the White House that afflicted many staff. Unfortunately, both Melania Trump and young Barron Trump also came down with the disease.

After Melania got the news about her diagnosis, she had the same reaction as any mother.

Barron has attended a K-12 private school in the Washington area called St. Andrew's Episcopal School since 2017, according to CNN, where he was set to begin his freshman year at the time. Due to COVID-19 concerns, though, the school began the year online-only, implementing a plan for in-person academics starting in October 2020.

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