LG C9 4K HDR 120Hz G-Sync VRR Firmware Fix - Demonstrated!

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We demonstrate that firmware update has fixed the G-Sync VRR blackouts at 4K HDR 120Hz with the Nvidia 3080 & 3090 graphics cards on LG's 2019 HDMI TVs including the C9 OLED. We had to reboot both the PC and TV for G-Sync to kick in, which may be the case for you too.

Please note that for this video to be published urgently to reassure C9 owners that a firmware fix is indeed available, we only tested the G-Sync functionality at 4K HDR 120Hz. We'll do more indepth testing over the coming weeks.

Please contact your local LG service centre to request the firmware update if you're an Nvidia RTX 30 Series who's not willing to wait a few weeks for the firmware to be rolled out OTA for LG's 2019 TVs. Unfortunately we are not allowed to share the firmware publicly, so please don't ask us.

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