Lila Iké - Forget Me (Official Video)

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Lila Iké - 'The ExPerience' out now!:

Lila Iké Online:

One bag of unanswered calls
You’re reading my text
Still nah respond
And me no know why u vex
I did no wrong yet you still insist
I can’t believe that we’ve come to this

If every day we ago fight
I think it’s best that you forget me
Cause dem ya something ya no right
How can I grow if you won’t let me
Inna the middle of the night
When you fi deh ya a caress me
It’s like you hurt me just fi spite
Baby tell me why you woulda stress me
Me used to think say you a me real don dadda
Love you real and proper
You no have a thing fi worry your head
You go mix up with the street and the chatta
We no speak pon the matter
Now all of that a fuck with me meds
Now everything I seem to do is a problem for you
Have us arguing again and again
And when I try to speak to you nothing I say is true
Cause you’d rather listen all of your friends


Me well want know the pree for sure
Me no recognize who you be no more
Used to safe and sound and feel secure
You no make no time fi me no more
Look from when me leave fi tour
You no call or text that really poor
Never see you this vex with me before
And every day we a stress, me need the cure

See I don’t want to do this anymore I ain’t lying
Find myself just trying to figure out what’s on your mind
I don’t wanna let you go babe
You’ve got to know this


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