Mizuno’s 16 CIT pack ft: Aqxuaria-Mc| Minecraft Pocket Edition |

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Mizuno’s 16 Craft Texture Pack [16×16]

This is a low resolution (16x) texture pack best suitable for medieval builds or just for vanilla survival gameplay. It’s a more detailed texture pack than the vanilla textures and also slightly more realistic. It changes most textures (except for some new ones such as the parrot textures). As a whole, it’s a really nice pack. Creator: Mizuno, Twitter Account, Website (Original Java Texture Pack) Ported by: chengzzi89

hope you guys enjoyed Also trixie rated it a 9/10:)

Intro: 0:00

Mod review: 0:16

House Teaser : 1:56

Trxie:) : 2:41
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