MPCNC Lowrider part 2 - belts, wiring, firmware: Ramps + SKR V1.3, TMC5160 & touch screen

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An enormous, easy to pack away CNC machine that is largely 3D printed? Meet the MPCNC Lowrider2! In part 1 I made the parts and assembled the frame. In part 2, I cut the tubes to size, install belts and show you how to wire up the base Marlin firmware with Ramps and DRV8825.

I then show an advanced version, with an SKR mainboard, TMC5160 silent steppers, dual endstop self squaring firmware and a customised MKS TFT touchscreen. The files required for all of this are available for free below.

In the next instalment, I will be cutting some stuff and if time allows, designing some quick release belt holders with proper tensioning.

My free SKR and MKS TFT firmware files:
Printed endstop and LCD mount parts I designed: :3769055

V1 Marlin fork firmware:
Dual endstop firmware reference:
Belt and pipe calculator:
Ramps case I showed: :1183975
MKS Gen L case I used: :3368679/
X Endstop clamp I remixed from: :1077227
Belt tensioner I showed: :3453813

Previous videos that might assist:
Lowrider2 MPCNC part 1:
SKR comprehensive guide:
TMC5160 guide:
MKS TFT28 guide:

Purchase the SKR 32bit mainboard:

Purchase TMC5160 stepper motor drivers:

Purchase MKS TFT28:
eBay Aus:

Buy quality and affordable filament from X3D. Buy 3, get 1 free and a free sample pack with every order:

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