My MMO History!

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It is crazy to sit back and think of all the MMORPGs I have played over the years! Some of them are still alive today. Let's share our MMO histories!

My MMO history started with Maplestory, a free to play 2-D sidescrolling MMORPG. The game was, in my mind, the perfect introduction to the genre. Old school maple focused primarily on exploration and character growth. It provided me and my friends countless hours of enjoyment, but eventually, we got burnt out. I still to this day play the MapleStory BGM in the background while I work on my computer.

Fiesta and Cabal online were my first 3D MMOs and provide many of the same goals and content that Maplestory did. I would find my self moving freely between these 3 games for a while. Eventually, I convinced my parents to pay for World of Warcraft. I played WOW for about 3 years as my main game, as a subscription MMO the quality of gameplay was much higher than anything thing I had experienced thus far.

From WOW moved on to Guild Wars 2, a game that was supposed to completely change the genre. Although the game was very unique, I would find myself bouncing between many games over the next few years. These games included: Rift, Tera, Neverwinter, and probably many more that I have forgotten. I caught wind of the launch of WIldstar (RIP) but we all know what happened there. In recent years I have been trying many new MMOs (such as Black Desert Online) trying to find the perfect game to scratch the itch. However, I often still find myself returning to many classics from time to time.

???? What is your MMO history, and what MMORPGs do you still play today?

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