???? My Perfect Sister ???? GLMM || Gacha Life Mini Movie ||

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Welcome to this stupid, cringey, awful, stereotypical, and very rushed video. The reason this video sucks so much is because I went to summer camp for a week, and when I got back I really needed to make a video quickly if I wanted to keep my promise of uploading once a week, so I made this video real quick ;-; Even though it sucks, I hope you still enjoy it I Lmao.

And as I already said in the video, I kinda like this ending because romance is sTUPId, but if you guys rEAllY rEALLY want part two, then I’ll make it.

????✨ Anyways, I hope you guys have a wonderful day! Goodbye! ✨????

~…~…~…~…~TECHNICAL STUFF~…~…~…~…~
Time Taken: 3 Days
Screenshots: 600-700 (I Think)
Apps Used:
~Gacha Life
~Ibis Paint x
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