"Once A Cheater”???? Original(REMAKE)/Gacha Life/ MOVIE/ GLM ????

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Having a great start to this year thanks to all that are supporting the channel. If you enjoy this Please hit like and subscribe it helps more than you know thanks Soo much x x x x

You are all Legends x

This is also a remake of my first series but made into a glm! I hope you enjoy this one as much as I hoped you did on the series!

1) About to explode by Daxter, wai ft. Astyn Turr
2) Dream away by Consolate ft. Lilla My
3) Hard to love by Katnip ft. Emmi
4) Hate being away from you by Candelion ft. Greylyn
5) A better love by Alder ft. Emmi
6) We can run away by Layn ft. Zandre Ernebro
7) Frustrating by Loving caliber ft. Lauren Dann
8) Worth your while by CLNGR ft. Greylyn
9) Give me a try by Killrude
10) I'm crazy for love by Craig Reever ft. Emmi
11) In the unknown by Mike Parr ft. Christine Smit
12) The memory of you by Swif7
13) We can run away by Layn ft. Zandre Ernebro
14) Switch up the vibe by Katnip ft. King sis
15) So emotional by Loving caliber ft. Lauren Dunn

Hope you enjoy it. Please leave feedback in the comments section if you would like to see more. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and if you're not already Please hit the subscribe button and the bell icon to be notified of my new releases.
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