Orbi just got EVEN BETTER! Firmware update, NETGEAR Armor powered by Bitdefender

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Netgear Orbi Firmware adds NETGEAR Armor + other new features & bug fixes.
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Firmware version landed on my Netgear Orbi here in the UK last night, bringing with it a decent number of bugfixes and new features, probably the most notable of which is the NETGEAR Armor security system - powered by Bitdefender - to make your home Internet and all devices connected to it much more secure.

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## Release Notes ##
Current Version:
New Version:

Release Notes:
[Bug Fix] Fixes issues with the Apple HomeKit connectivity.
[Bug Fix] Fixes the wireless crash and reboot issue when the router is under stress.
[Bug Fix] Fixes the WiFi disconnection and IOT issue.
[Bug Fix] Fixes the guest isolation issue for multicast and broadcast traffic between the main host and guest.
[Bug Fix] Fixes the Ethernet backhaul boot-sequence issue.
[Bug Fix] Updates the OpenVPN certificate from MD5 to SHA-256.
[New Feature] Adds NETGEAR Armor support for SKUs with the RBR50 router. This includes the RBK50, RBK53, RBK50V, and RBK52W.
[New Feature] Adds customer firmware pull.
[New Feature] Expands the IP reservation function from 64 clients to 253 devices.
[New Feature] Adds weak admin password checking.
[Bug Fix] Fixes some issues.
[Bug Fix] Fixes JP/AU/CA region can't firmware update issue.
[Bug Fix] Fixes Armor activation failed due to device offline issue.

## Also Available ##
If you already have Orbi, you can expand it with these:
- Orbi Voice - with a great speaker & Alexa built in
- get blazing fast WiFi in your garden with the weather-sealed outdoor satellite.

Reviews of these two add-ons coming soon.

Big thanks as always to Netgear for permission to use clips from their channel! You can see the official channel here:


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