Orphan of Kos VS 12 Old Hunters (Bloodborne Boss VS Boss Mod)

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A lost Orphan, all alone in the nightmare. To protect his mother's corpse from the Old Hunters, the newborn Great One must fight the Old Hunters to the death!

I apologize for the audio cutting off in some parts of the fight, but the PS4 doesn't seem to handle that many enemies at the same time well. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out something in the future, but for now, I hope you all enjoy this little test to see what we are capable of achieving!

Orphan of Kos (x10 Health): 192170 HP
Old Hunters with Beast Cutter, Beasthunter Saif, Piercing Rifle, Boom Hammer (x10 Health)

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I was inspired by BonfireVN Boss VS Boss videos, and I thought of sharing the fun of boss wars, but in Bloodborne!
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