Pearl Mimic Pro - Overview of Library and Firmware Update June 2020

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This is a quick overview of the updates recently made to the Mimic Pro, including a run through of a selection of the default kits - which have been re-engineered as part of the library update. Please use headphones or good speakers.

The firmware update includes a set of presets specifically designed for all ATV cymbals, in particular the hi hat.

The library update includes articulations for bow sounds on all crash and splash cymbals; and it includes a new set of DW toms.

The default kits have been re-engineered by the Steven Slate team and have a whole new life to them.

I have used default mixer settings here, and recorded straight to internal recorder.

I'm proud to say that on behalf of ATV, I was a key tester for the new ATV presets, and helped the Mimic Developer during the initial stages of designing the ATV presets. The hi hat was certainly a lot of work!! It's been great to see that these presets have been so well received by everyone.

The Mimic was already great. Somehow, they made it even better :)
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