Power BI Update - February 2021

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Welcome to the first feature summary of 2021! This month, amongst others, we have a couple of updates on ongoing previews, as well as a new color picker that features RGB color selector and a search bar to make the discovery of features easier. Additionally, we are introducing new filter operations and make it easier to configure email subscription attachments.

DirectQuery for PBI Datasets and Azure Analysis Services updates (preview) - 00:17
Search Bar - 01:12
Model View updates (preview) - 03:08
New Field List (preview) - 04:40
Small multiples (preview) gridlines and background colors - 05:09
Color picker - 05:40
Smart guides for aligning objects now available in mobile layout view - 07:02
New filter operations: "isEmpty" and "isNotEmpty" - 07:21
More granular control over certificate revocation check for web connections - 08:06

Anomaly detection now in ribbon - 08:46

Enhanced dataset metadata format - 09:12

Data Connectivity
New Teams Analytics Connector - 09:48
Snowflake: support for custom roles - 10:29
Parquet Files: connector available in Power BI Desktop - 10:54
Hive LLAP: support for Windows Authentication - 11:13
Salesforce: API update - 11:22
SAP HANA and BW: new documentation - 12:03

Email subscription attachment - 12:19
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Easily find your org's endorsed content using the mobile app - 13:09
Power BI free license users can now navigate to workspaces in mobile apps - 13:46

New visuals - 13:57
Graphomate matrix
Smart KPI List
Lipstick Column Chart
Lipstick Bar Chart
Control Chart XmR
Merged Bar Chart
Animated Image and Bubble Chart
Animated Bar Race Chart
Dynamic Radial Bar Chart by JTA
Text Highlighter
Updated visuals - 14:51
Shielded HTML Viewer by Nova Silva
Zebra BI Tables
Zebra BI Charts
Drill Down Combo PRO by Zoomcharts
Editor's Picks - 15:21
Individuals and Moving Range Control Chart by PQ Systems
Acterys Variance
Advanced Pie and Donut charts by xViz
Zebra BI Charts

Template Apps
Microsoft Partners: Installing a preconfigured template app - 15:55
Sales Analytics AI for Microsoft Business Central - 16:22

Visual container fix - 16:59
EnumObjectInst with no datarole support - 17:14

New icon update - 17:41
Microsoft 365 ending support for IE11 and legacy Edge - 18:00
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