Power Book II: Ghost ‘DRU vs LIL GUAP’ & Could Monet Kill Dru? Midseason Trailer Analysis

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Power Book 2 Ghost Midseason Trailer was released a few days ago and Dru Tejada's storyline was shown in just a glimpse. We saw him having a fight with what looks like Lil Guap but what can we actually expect from Dru's character in the last half of the season and we are yet to see the last part of his character description play out which yields a deadly consequence for someone he loves most. So who could this be? I talk about Zeke and mainly how Ev could be the one who this could be affecting and how this could be playing out in the last half of the season and could Monet actually be the one to kill Ev to protect her son Dru? I also talk about a fan theory about Monet potentially killing Dru with the father and son killing theme we had in the original Power series with Tariq killing Ghost, Tommy killing Tony Teresi and Kanan killing Shawn, so it's certainly one that can't be ruled out.

Midseason Trailer Breakdown:
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Cane & Brayden Team Up Breakdown:
Lil Guap's Revenge Breakdown:
Could Cane Kill Dru Discussed:

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