Race Highlights | Round 11 | 2020 Berlin E-Prix

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The final race of the season from Berlin! With second and third in the championship still up for grabs between ten drivers, who could perform in the Berlin E-Prix and make their way up the standings? Find out here!

We are #PositivelyCharged

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Welcome to the closest, most intense racing series on the planet. We bring unpredictable wheel-to-wheel combat to the city streets.

We race on the streets of the world's most progressive cities, in 5 continents. We take wheel-to-wheel racing to the streets. That means tighter turns, close combat and plenty of unforgiving concrete.

Formula E brings racing tech to the road. With major global car brands going head to head, Formula E is more than just a racing series - it's a battle for the future. Our cars, powered by pure electricity, pave the way for the cars of tomorrow.

The global electric street racing series. We are #PositivelyCharged
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