Rock Bouncer X on 50" Mega Stickies Turn Key Buggy Reveal

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This customer was excited to see his buggy for the first time. This buggy was built on our Rock Bouncer X chassis platform which was modified for putting on 50" Mega Stickies. Check out this video of the newest turn key being revealed along with a walk around of the rig.

The Specs of this build:
Chassis: Rock Bouncer X

Engine: Chevy
Radiator/Fans: Griffin 31" x "
Exhaust: Sanderson Headers, WOD S/S, Magnaflow Muffler
Transmission Make: TH400/Reid Transmission Case
Transmission Shifter: Winters Shifter
Fuel Containment: Custom Fuel Cell

Skid Plate/Material: 3/8 Thick Aluminum
Steering Column/Wheel: WOD 24" Steering Column/Longacre 13" Steering Wheel
Brake Control: Wilwood Manual Brakes/Dual Master Cylinder
Seats/Harnesses: Corbeau Seats/PRP 2" Harnesses
Lights Interior/Exterior: Lazerstar
Safety - Fire Extinguisher: H3R Halguard
Winches - Front/Rear: Warn

Suspension/Type/Materials: 7075 Aluminum Links/QA1 Rod Ends
Shocks: Radflo 2" Coilover/Radflo " 3 Tube Bypass Shocks
Driveshafts: WOD 1480 Driveshaft Kit
Front Axle Housing: Rockwell
Front Inner C's/Knuckles: Rockwell
Front Ring & Pinion/Ratio:
Front Axle Shafts: Ouverson 2" Shafts
Front U-Joints: Ouverson
Front Drive Flanges/Hubs: Ouverson
Front Steering Setup/Arms: PSC
Rear Sway Bar: Currie Anti-Rock
Tire Make/Size: Superswamper 50" Mega Stickies
Wheel Make/Size: Raceline
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