SCP-1479 Inside Outside | Object class euclid | extradimensional / location scp

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This SCP Foundation wiki reading is about SCP 1479 "Inside-outside". SCP-1479 appears to be an empty utility room that contains approximately 144 km2 of taiga. While walls are visible through electronic devices, none are visible to the unassisted eye; no physical barriers can be detected, and objects can apparently pass through these 'walls' unhindered. From within, the entrance to SCP-1479 is set within a 3m x 5m rectangular granite megalith, which appears to be the only unnatural structure within the area. This megalith stands in the approximate centre of the area; wilderness extends approximately 6 kilometres in every direction, before one finds themselves on the opposite 'edge' of SCP-1479, facing the megalith again.

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