SCP: Secret Laboratory Scopophobia Beta | 2 Hours? (If internet holds up) | LIVE!

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Check the Description to fill your curiosity! But seriously click it.

Daily Nonsense:
Late stream?


1. No spamming. (Unless I allow it.)
2. Be respectful of each other. (And to me too.)
3. Streamsniping is fine. (I expect it.)
4. No ghosting. (I don't need such advantages.)
5. Listen to the mods. (Cause they exist for a reason.)
6. No bullying. (No one likes a bully.)
7. No attention seeking/Being obnoxious. (Aye, I see you.)
8. Enjoy your time here.!


Current Game:

Streaming Software:


WARNING! I am not very I'll check it once in a while tho.

Streaming schedule:

ATTENTION: If you hit the subscribe button, you don't have too, please tell me in chat. Thank you!

About me:
Something to add on as I stream so I'm DaMasque. How to say? Da. Mask. Hi, how are ya? I'm Like really old. Not like old old, but old. You feel me? Consequential, of course. I play games, usually SCP: SL. By all means, ask me what server I'm in and wreck
my face. I only ask is that you don't ghost for me, stream sniping sure go ahead, just don't cheat for me. More about I'm a Introvert outside of streaming, I know I may not look or act like it, but yes I'm a HUGE introvert. What does that mean? I might not talk to you outside of Sorry? Not sorry. Please DO NOT expect anything from me, videos, milestones, or I just don't do those things.

Want to donate?! HA! Not for you!! But seriously, after a few Paypal mix ups, I rather get to 1000 subs and then turn on Super Chat. For Just enjoy me! oh and say hi! I don't Much.

Enjoy your stay!
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