SCP SL Scopophobia - The Midnight Family, A Dream Or A Nightmare?

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I was up late again as per usual and for some reason the game once more made me 049. I only ever seem to get him when it's late at night but I guess that is the best time for a Surprise Adoption. I hope you enjoy my newest SCP family!

This video is on the Free game on steam SCP Secret Laboratory. The Beta Released recently to the public and is the current version that I play on. It is a game based off of the original (SCP Containment Breach) where there are 4 classes with specific roles.

If you enjoy my videos show them some support and I will make more.

If there is a specific game you would like me to check out leave it in a comment and I will try to make a video on it.

I hope you enjoy the video and make sure to watch to the end for the BEST Parts!

Get The Game Here!

Here is some information and the discord of the server and community I enjoy playing with:

King's Playground is a multi-gaming community which provides a fun family community. Within their server they play several different games which you would be able to join VC's and join others.

It is honestly a great community and has some of the nicest best relatable staff I have ever met. Please read the server rules before joining in a round on the SCP SL servers!

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