Sewn Board Binding Part 2 // Adventures in Bookbinding

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The sewn board binding was developed by Gary Frost in the early 80s. It connects back to the earliest forms of the codex where the boards were attached to the text block at the sewing. This is different to later forms where the sewing encompasses supports, which are then used to attach the boards, and later still, the cased book.

The DAS Bookbinding Channel is the perfect starting point for learning bookbinding. It covers foundation skills, simple projects, technical methods, materials and more advanced bookbinding projects. The videos are presented in a tutorial or lesson fashion, which I hope are easy to follow. The knowledge presented is based on traditional techniques which can be used to create traditional books or as a foundation to quality journalling or creative artists' books. The best way to find what you are looking for is the DAS Bookbinding YouTube Channel guide.

Karen's upcoming online workshops on sewn board and drum leaf bindings.

Parchment supplier in Brazil

The Sewn Boards Binding by Gary Frost

Sewn Board Bookbinding; More than a Thousand Years Later by Gary Frost; Guild of Book Workers Journal 2010-2011

Application of Sewn Board Technique to Book Conservation Practice by Gary Frost; The Book and Paper Group Annual 23 (2004) 33

Variations on the Drum Leaf and Sewn Boards Bindings; Guild of Book Workers Seminar on Standards of Excellence in Hand Bookbinding October 26, 2013

Video of the above

Sewn Board Bindings blog by Henry Hébert

More information about bookbinding and book care at

The music used in this video is performed by Jon Sayles. Jon has some great classical guitar music on his website, which he shares freely.
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