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Who of the Shameless actors dated each other IRL and then broke up?
How far did the cast go when it came to pranking each other on set?
And how similar is William Macy’s parenting method compared to his disgusting Shameless character?

Emmy Rossum AKA Fiona Gallagher.

Despite leading a very different life from her character's, they share one similarity:
Both Fiona Gallagher and Emmy Rossum have been through A LOT!
Firstly, Rossum was married to a music executive Justin Siegel.

She then had short-lived relationships with the songwriter and frontman for the band Counting Crows, and the actor Tyler Jacob Moore.
Yes, the one who played Tony Markovich in Shameless.
Then Emmy was rumored to be dating none other than Captain America!

Watch our video to find out more about Emmy Rossum!

Just like many actors from the Shameless cast, Emma Kenney's life is MUCH easier than Debbie Gallagher's life.
Do you realize that we've actually watched her grow up during the series?

She started acting when she was 5 and it took her 4 years to get her most famous role of Debbie Gallagher.
Admit it -it’s hard to believe that Emma Kenney is 20 now!

Do you wanna know how she's doing now? Check our video to find out not only about Kenney but about the rest of the case too - Shanola Hampton, Cameron Monaghan, Jeremy Allen White, Veronica Fisher, Ethan Cutkosky!

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