Sigma FP Gets ProRes Raw, BRaw and Dual ISO with Firmware 2.0

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Sigma FP Gets ProRes Raw and BRaw with Firmware

We have more news in the world of film making. The unexpected and interesting Sigma FP, the smallest and cheapest full frame Raw Video recording camera, has just got much better. With upcoming firmware , The Sigma FP will now allow out of Raw recording out of the HDMI in the form of either ProRes Raw or BlackMagic Raw.

This update resolves one of the biggest complaints about the sigma fp, which was the file size and process of using uncompressed Cinema DNG files to get the best looking image.

The other new update is that the Sigma FP also now enables dual iso recording similar to the S1H and the Pocket cinema Camera 4K/6K.

What do you think of this update?

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