The 2020 Guide to SCP: Secret Laboratory

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It took a lot longer than I thought but my new guide is here. While I don't expect a lot of the details to remain the same forever, this should be a far better guide than the original.

Chapter Timestamps here!
00:00 - Intro
01:00 - Structure of a Match
03:22 - A Game about SCPs Part 1
07:06 - Navigating the Facility
16:18 - Keycards and Equipment
27:50 - Weapons
41:10 - A Game about SCPs Part 2
58:15 - Outro

In the making of the first video, I of course wanted players to see it, but I didn't think it would have gotten as much attention as it did. In my opinion, it wasn't even that great, so while I don't usually like to make more than 1 video on the same thing, I had a lot of ideas on how to improve stuff, so here we are. As for what comes next, I have no idea, but it probably won't be SCP related.

Software used
Editing - Hitfilm Express
Art - Gimp
Animation - Blender
Recording - OBS and Audacity

Source for Layout names
Lost in a Secret Government Facility
Фантастика онлайн
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