The Element Protectors Ep.1 II { United } II Gacha Life Voice acted Action Series

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Robin is a country girl being raised on her parents farm, but her whole life changes when she's accepted into her dream school which is where the most powerful people in the world attend called Star Light Academy. Where she'll be attending as an unknown element student, hoping to find out what element group she's apart of. She meets loads of new faces while getting into some rough fights with other more powerful students.
Will Robin be able to make new friends?
Will she find out what element group she's apart of?
If you'd like to find out, follow Robin though her first day, when on her second day things take a really dark turn.

❗ more new characters will appear in upcoming episodes ^w^❗

TYSM to the whole for working so hard on the props and backgrounds, etc!
This also wouldn't have been possible without my amazing voice actors! ????
They did such a good job at voicing the characters so PLS go and support them, they're all so amazingly talented.
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sorry if this ep isn't that interesting, as it's just introducing the characters and the world they live in, BUT I promise it'll be getting more interesting and have more action involved the further we get into the seires ^w^

❗ Also PLEASE don't compare me with other amazing gachatubers and their VA seires as I'm trying my best with this series, and this isn't my normal style of editing so it won't be as epic. ❗
Apologise for the greenscreen and volume on the voices but don't worry I'll fix it for future videos.

????????Voice Actors????????

❄Robin - Veeah/ VeeBee

????Brook - Dan Adams

????Misty - IngIngVA

????Phoenix - samgrace

????Ash - Malachiza

☀Dawn - Bearpuff4

☠Blake - jaydenva

????The Dark Force - Sebastian Brown

????Spiral - MagicGamer04

????Mrs. Frost/ Ms. Willow - Duckii_Chan

⚔Oscar/ Mr. Frost - Ryan Pratt

????Ms. Black - Lunafreya

????Jack/ Mr. Carter - Dragge

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????Credit to Nilla for making both drawings of Robin in the thumbnail ????

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I don't own the music, sound effects, greenscreen effects used in this video, it all belongs to its rightful owners!

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