The Story of Project Titan: Blizzard's Cancelled MMO

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One game developer who always strives to make the most high-fidelity games in the industry is definitely Blizzard. Warcraft and Starcraft in particular were two franchises that transcended gaming and made their mark on the real world. World of Warcraft is known even among those who don’t play games, while Starcraft is often considered one of the biggest e-sports titles in the World.

However, excellence comes at a price… Despite how long and how far into development a game may be, if Blizzard don’t feel it’s up to standard, they’ll shut it down. This was the fate of Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans, Starcraft: Ghost and the ambitious project “Titan”, the biggest and most secretive of the three.

Please bear in mind that Blizzard never released any footage of project Titan. We've used videos from various other games to give you a better idea of how Titan may have actually looked like.


Narrator: Steve Petitt
Writer: Miodrag Kovachevic
Director: Ailert Riemersma
Special thanks to Plasma3Music for letting us use their Overwatch theme remix:

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