Top 5 MMO & RPG News: Blade and Soul 2 Confirmed for PC, New World is Delayed again?!?!? in 2021

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This weeks top mmo and rpg news updates is amazing so far in todays video I cover a couple of mmo and rpg titles that are releasing or any news update for the games. We have topics like Blade and soul 2 being confirmed for PC and mobile and even Amazon Games New World being delayed again till Summer 2021.

Todays Lineup is:
Phantasy Star Online 2 coming to Epic Game Store 1:00
Blade and Soul 2 Pre-Registration 2:17
Genshin Impact Leaked Rosaria Banner 4:02
Titan Reach Early Access 6:04
Tera Upcoming Gardan of Ice overhaul 7:12
New World Delayed again? 8:02

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