Ultra Instinct Goku vs Whis | Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 Review & Speculation

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Ultra Instict Goku and Whis finall face off in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67!


Dragon Ball Super chapter 67 is really just a setup chapter. It’s main focus is definitely foreshadowing what’s to come rather than have major things actually happened. Are these setups actually good though? Well to start In the beginning of the chapter, Granola has a nightmare where he remembers the day his people were wiped out by the Saiyans - one of them having a scar that looks like Bardocks. Now I’m all good for Bardock having a role in the story so long as that role is “Goku looks like Bardock so Granola thinks Goku must be bad.” Anything more than that like reviving him or something else is kind of just crappy for the story as a whole. I will say that making us remember that Bardock was a world conquering Saiyan in modern material and not just a good dad in the end is a big plus for this story already.
After that we move to Beerus’ planet where we learn the Oracle fish is suffering from insomnia and Whis says this could mean a sinister future is about to come to pass. This is put to the side though as Goku and Whis continue to train. This is where we learn for sure that Goku can activate Ultra Instinct at will now.

After watching the video feel free to leave any and all counter points in the comments below - I love a good discussion.
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