Unboxing Diamond Art Club Black Friday!

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In this video I'm showing off 2 paintings I picked up during Diamond art Club's insane black friday sale.

Mixing Magic:

Mountain Castle:

The Diamond Painting Guide and Logbook by Jennifer Roberts: +painting+guide+and+log+book&qid=1605801586&sprefix=diamond+painting+guide%2Ckitchen%2C181&sr=8-7

Hallowqueen Crafting Blog:

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*Disclaimer: I do not have any ownership of the images that are in the paintings I purchase, with the exception of photographs I have turned into customs. I assume when I purchase diamond art that the art is sourced in good faith before rendering into a diamond painting. If there is ever a case where I have purchased a diamond painting and shown it on this channel and it has not been ethically sourced, please let me know, so I can call it out to my audience and let the seller know. I am more than happy to edit my videos as I learn more. As I learn better, I intend to do better.
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