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Learn how to update the firmware on HP Enterprise and Managed printers from the EWS, or Embedded Web Server.

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Follow these steps to update the firmware on HP Enterprise and Managed printers from the EWS, or Embedded Web Server:
- Update the firmware of your FutureSmart 4 HP Enterprise printer from the EWS, or Embedded Web Server.
- Before you update your printer firmware, print a configuration page to view the firmware version currently installed on the printer.
- On your computer, open the drivers page for your printer at
- Check the firmware version listed on the configuration page against the latest firmware listed on the drivers page to see if there is an updated version.
- If an updated version is available, download it to your computer.
- To access the EWS of your Enterprise MFP, you must first identify the printer’s IP address or host name.
- On the home screen of the printer control panel, touch the Information icon.
- Touch Ethernet to display the printer’s IP address or host name.
- Write down the IP address or host name, or touch the Print icon to print the network information.
- From a computer or device connected to the same network as the printer, open a web browser.
- Enter the IP address or host name into the browser’s address bar.
- If entering the host name, make sure HTTP:// is entered before the host name.
- If a message displays indicating that accessing the website might not be safe, select the option to continue to the website. Accessing the EWS will not harm your computer.
- From the EWS, select Sign In.
- Enter the Administrator credentials, and select Sign In.
- With administrator options visible, select the General tab.
- In the left navigation pane, select Firmware Upgrade.
- Under Install New Firmware, select Choose File.
- Navigate to and select the firmware you downloaded from , and then select Install.
- The installation might take several minutes.
- With the update complete, the printer will automatically restart and complete the update.

Caution: Improperly installing or replacing parts could damage your HP device or void your warranty. Before replacing any parts, check your warranty.

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