We BARELY Made it to the Track in Time! - Rocky Mountain Race Week 2020 - Video 6 Great Bend

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Sorry this video is so late!! We stared off the week so strong, but once we started having problems on Thursday, we got behind, including my videos. We left Kearney early so we could head to Great Bend. Despite road work and a few road closures, we were still making good time. When we got to checkpoint 2, which happened to be a friend of ours, I decided to go ahead and change my oil before we got tot the track and hoped it would stop the whining noise that I thought was real but was hoping was just in my head. After a fresh change, I started it up, only to find the whine was still there and it was BAD. We had two options: load up and call it quits or tear into it. You know what we did! Follow along to see the thrash before the track then the rush to make passes.

Thank you to Wire Care for being a Rocky Mountain Badmaro Partner!

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